Finding a Christmas gift for a student can be quite a challenge. You can’t afford the latest gadget and don’t want to waste money on a current trend.

I would encourage you to pray about what it may look like for you to give the Gift of Mission. What greater gift could you provide than that of an experience to impact the life of your student and the lives of countless others to whom they minister.

The college season is a great time for students to take a spring break or summer break to be a part of God’s call and mission both here and abroad. Opportunities for students to participate in medical ministry, orphan ministry, university ministry, refugee ministry and beyond are waiting.

You can imagine that finances is one of the biggest obstacles in the mind of a student when considering God’s call to a missions journey.

Travel and field costs are not inexpensive. Yet God provides, and we can see that provision many times over as students take that step of obedience.

I challenge parents, family and friends to be a part of your student’s step of obedience by giving a gift that makes an impact further than we can imagine. Give to help a student serve this summer and beyond!

Source: OneMissionStudents.org
Gift of Missions

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