In chapter ten of Turnaround Journey, the leadership team at 4C’s church is discussing their “Driving Gauges,” what measurements they will use to gauge and track the progress of objectives and goals for the remainder of the year. Here is what Greg, their coach has to say as they begin.

Greg attempts to clarify his quest. “I agree with Pastor Tim that we all need accountability. I call it friendly accountability, and you all are the leaders, the ones to hold each other accountable. You are not going to beat each other up but encourage one another and work together. To do this I believe it is best for you to come up with two to three questions that you will each be willing to answer at any time along the journey. And as Pastor Tim suggested, answering them weekly is a good start.”

While many of us do not like the idea of being held accountable, God created within each of us this need for accountability. One reason we shy away from or despise accountability is the negative connotation it carries in today’s society. Being held accountable goes against our desire to be independent. However, building friendly accountability into our personal life and ministry (or any leadership team) can bring a whole new level of trust and accomplishment. Friendly accountability can also build healthy self-esteem and certainly encourages personal growth.

Friendly accountability is that which does not hold a threat over another person but helps that person with encouragement to move forward, making progress toward his/her goals and responsibilities. Friendly accountability motivates a person toward the accomplishment of his/her objectives in a very positive and caring manner.

The team at 4C’s settles on two questions they will answer each week to the others on the team. Each of the questions has to do with their observation and execution of personal responsibilities the previous week which helped move the organization forward toward fulfilling its overarching objectives. Each person agrees these are to be used to encourage individuals and strengthen the team as a whole.

What are two questions you could implement in your routine, that someone could ask you any time of the week to ensure you are moving toward your personal or team objectives? Who are the friendly accountability partners in your life? What is your starting point for teaching and building in friendly accountability in your life, ministry, and business?

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George Yates is the Church Health Strategist for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, assisting churches and individuals in pursuing God’s purpose for life. Learn more at ALSBOM.org/revitalization.

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