In the days following the Church Revitalization conference which the State Board of Missions held in May, I began thinking about my own personal revitalization. A song came to mind, as often happens, to aid me in my revitalization: Fix Me, Jesus. Before I sing a song in a worship setting, I want to be assured that it is scripture-based. Paul talks about fixing our eyes on Jesus, to gaze or focus our attention. However, this was not the meaning of this song.

Now, “fix” or “fixing” is a pretty common Southern expression, but not one you see in the Bible. This meaning was speaking of repairing or making me usable. When I thought of this, I immediately went to Psalm 51 and found three places where this meaning of “fix” works.

 “Create in me a pure heart” and “renew a right spirit within me” are two ideas found in verse 10. That would definitely fix me and is something I need to pray each and every day. But the one I like best for fix is found in verses 16-17. These verses tell me that God does not want my sacrifices, but wants my broken spirit. Why would He want my broken spirit? So he could “fix” me to be like Him – my own personal revitalization. If my heart is right, revitalization will take place.

Eileen Mitchell
State Missionary

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