Thank you, Alabama Baptists, for participating in the first three Online Call to Prayer events. Each prayer event is being held at 10 a.m. Wednesdays, including in the weeks to come.

During the next one, on April 15, we will focus on the theme of FAITH with each letter representing a prayer need.

“F” will represent our Future. We need to pray that we will be different people coming out of this – more godly as believers and more committed to the cause of Christ.

“A” stands for Attitude. We need to pray that we will have an attitude of servanthood – a Spirit-filled attitude for the facing of these days to God’s glory.

“I” represents Intentionality. With great purpose, we need to become even more committed to the Great Commission than ever before.

“T” stands for trust. Through all we experience during this unusual and unique timeframe, we need to learn to trust in God and rely upon Him more and more. May that stay with us as we grow in Christ and look to the future.

“H” stands for Health. Healthcare workers, those who take care of the sick, are people who especially need our prayers now – not only for their effectiveness in medical decisions but for protection from the COVID-19 virus. We should pray for the ones who are sick, and we should pray for the restoration of their health.

We also need to pray for the health of our churches. During this uncertain and challenging time, we need to have healthier churches and healthier leaders being guided and transformed under the Lordship of Christ.

I hope to see many Alabama Baptists online next Wednesday, April 15, when we take “20 minutes at 10” to pray together, seeking the Lord’s help to walk by FAITH and not by sight.

Rick Lance
Matt. 6:33

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