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Every church at some point in its life will face decline. The first phases of decline often go unnoticed in the church. As each phase lingers it will lead your church into deeper decline. Reaching the Summit helps leaders learn to recognize the five phases of decline as well as a series of principles and practices to reverse or even avoid decline in your church.

2 hour Conference

In the 2 hour version, the RTS material is covered in more of an overview fashion. In the first hour we explain the particulars of RTS – principle based with church specific effective practices- and look at the five phases of decline churches will face if action is not taken to avert and reverse declining trends.

In the second hour we look briefly at some of the principles and needed practices as listed in chapters 6-13. Filling Positions with the Right People, character traits, behavior patterns, core values, Understanding the Necessity of the Situation, The One Best Thing, Vision, etc.


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