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Preacher:         Doug Rogers
Musicians:      Tim Gay
Special Feature Monday: Beth Chapman
Special Feature Tuesday: Talent Show 



Karen Gosselin

Art and Prayer in Miss Crump’s classroom

Learning about prayer coloring

Lonette Berg

From Tobacco Juice to Stolen Pigs, Our Alabama Baptist Story

Beth Baldwin

Coffee with Andy or Tea with Aunt Bee?

What comes out when your cup runs over.

Keith Pate

Mayberry’s Drum Line

Participate in a drumming class.

Guy Anderson

Singing on the Porch with Andy

Learn about some of your favorite hymns and sing along.

Eileen Mitchell

Being the Mayor of Mayberry

Calling all leaders to talk about ministry with Adults 55+ (Offered one time only).

Daniel Edmonds

Charlene: Crazy, Crushed, or Credible

A study on Mary Magdalene.

Debbie Childers

What Would Ernest Do?

What do Ernest T Bass and WWJD have in common?

John Thomas

Phishing in Myers Lake

Phishing scams, Malware, Viruses, and Spam phone calls, how is it possible to be safe on the internet? Bring your devices and questions and we will dive in and discover how we can catch them before they hook us.

Cindy Thomas

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Finding Joy in the Journey

Let’s take a look at Nehemiah 8:10.

Cindy Thomas

Grandparenting Mayberry Style

A look back at simpler times

Tim Childers

Otis Campbell University

Stop acting like Otis and throw away the keys! Fulfill your destiny as a Christian and understand what it means to walk in the amazing grace of Jesus Christ!

Register by contacting Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center at 1-800-280-1105 or online at either shocco.org/fulfillretreat for individuals or shocco.org/fulfillretreatgroup for groups. The cost per person is based upon your choice of lodging.