Evaluating Between Good and God’s Best

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One of the training sessions on a CD that I produced based on conferences was titled, “If the Church Were a business, What Business Are We In?” Today if we asked a similar question most church attenders would give us a biblical answer or a comfort zone response. Too often we settle for good rather than the greatness for which God created us. Satan knows a Christian or church who will settle for Good is no threat to his kingdom. As long as we settle for good, we will never strive for the greatness of God’s design.

There is no point in changing that which does not need to be changed. However, it is a sin not to change or drop methods or traditions that are using up valuable resources, time, and money. Practices, methodologies, and traditions that are not leading us to accomplish the Great Commission need to be evaluated for transition or relinquishment.

The preservation of anything we consider normal, be it a tradition, methodology, or regular practice can easily become a sin factor in our individual lives and in the church. Too often in the church and in our daily lives, we choose habit and repetition over biblical principles. Therefore, without realizing it we are turning our backs on God and His guidelines for us. All for the comfort of what’s familiar.

Would we not do well by evaluating between good and God’s best? If every church would honestly evaluate every ministry annually, how much more of God’s best Kingdom-centered ministry could be accomplished. Is it possible that most churches do not evaluate ministries due to the fear of offending ministry leaders or certain financial givers?

You can evaluate ministries without upsetting the applecart, so to speak. Asking questions as “Of the three areas of the Great Commission, which is this ministry fulfilling?’ and “Of the five functions of the church which best describes the intent and outcomes of this ministry?” The following is a link to an easy and unbiased approach to evaluating ministries in any church. Microsoft Word – Evaluating Ministries.docx (soncare.net)

Many of our traditions and regular practices are not necessarily evil. They are simply outdated or they have run their course. As a teenager, I remember the Shure sound systems. They all looked alike and youth choirs and churches loved them. They were great. I have seen a couple of them over the past ten years and each time they bring back fond memories of my teen years and our choir tours. However, I realize those Shure sound systems cannot hold a candle to today’s technology and advanced systems.

Shure sound systems have run their course. Many of our church practices have done the same. It is time to retire those that are not affecting the Great Commission. Right now, as we look to regenerate (see last week’s post) our churches, we must evaluate what is prudent for reaching today’s generations while keeping God’s message intact. This is our golden opportunity. Do not go far into 2021 without beginning a practice of evaluating every ministry you consider reinstating or continuing.

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