There are biotic principles working around you and me every day of our lives. Biotic refers to actions caused by living organisms. Biotic principles are the underlying causes which produce ongoing operative life. That may sound a little complicated. So let’s break it down.

Every living thing that God has created, person, animal, plant, has been created to grow and reproduce. Even the smallest blade of grass. These biotic principles are constantly working behind the scenes to produce this on-going growth and reproduction.

One of the biotic principles of natural growth is Energy Transformation. This is the redirecting of energy to help fulfill your objective. Some of the Martial Arts use this principle. Martial Arts students are taught to use your opponent’s energy for your benefit and against him. When a would-be assailant lunges at you intending bodily harm, students are taught how to use the assailants lunging energy to disarm or literally throw the assailant to the ground. Learning these self-defense techniques allows a smaller person to disarm and defeat a much taller, stronger assailant. You are using the existing energy of another source to accomplish your objective.

Flowering plants, fruits, and vegetables need pollination between like pants. They are pollinated in nature by using the energy already expended by bees, birds, and insects. As these bees, and others feed on the nectar from the blossoms of differing plants, the pollens are transferred from one plant to another. This is energy transformation.

In the church today (or any organization) learning the art of energy transformation will always be beneficial. Where are we expending energy, resources, time, talent today that is not moving us as desired toward our objective, fulfilling The Great Commission?

With the employment of a little energy transformation the power being expended on events, VBS, and many other actions in the church, momentum will move to true fulfilling of The Great Commission. Momentum or energy already flowing, whether positive or negative, can be redirected to accomplish God’s purposes.

How will you lead your ministry team to use energy transformation to be a more effective arm of God’s kingdom expansion?

For more information on Energy Transformation or the other five biotic principles contact George Yates and read Christian Schwarz’ Natural Church Growth.

George Yates is the Church Health Strategist for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, assisting churches and individuals in pursuing God’s purpose for life. Learn more at ALSBOM.org/revitalization.

Source: Soncare.net
Energy Transformation

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