Disaster Relief Takes Center Stage as Week of Prayer for State Missions Begins


As Alabama Baptists gear up for the second-annual Week of Prayer for State Missions, which begins this Sunday, hearts are tuned to the important and timely work of disaster relief — one of the featured Great Commission Ministries that directly benefits from the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering.

In the days before Hurricane Harvey slammed the south Texas coast, Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers were making preparations for the aftermath. And within days of landfall, the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (SBOM) had already sent an initial round of relief funding. All of this was possible, in part, because of gifts given to the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering and through the Cooperative Program.

“Thanks to the generosity of Alabama Baptists from all over the state, last year’s inaugural Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering was well received, and the goal was exceeded,” said Rick Lance, SBOM executive director. “That was one of the contributing factors to our having Disaster Relief people, infrastructure and funds in place for a quick response.” (continued…)

Read the full article from the Alabama Baptist Newspaper – http://www.thealabamabaptist.org/disaster-relief-takes-center-stage-as-week-of-prayer-for-state-missions-begins/

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