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It’s less than a week away. Have you finished all your shopping? Is everything wrapped and ready? If not, fear not. Let me help. Keep reading as I will reveal what the people on your list want and desire this Christmas. I have heard on several occasions this month of how hectic and stressful it seems to be this year. Don’t stress over the events and business of the season.

Brand new to starting a family, Mary and Joseph, a young couple were required by the government to take a trip they had not planned, to a city they had no intention of going to, and they had no funding to make this trip. It was a four day journey on foot, and Mary was nine months pregnant. But they had each other and a promise from God.

Though all of that was stressful enough, when they arrived at the government’s imposed destination, there was no hotel rooms to be found. No boarding houses, no Air BnB, not a room available anywhere. Yet, they had each other and a promise from God. Joseph and Mary learned that when the world says, “No Room,” God says, “No Problem!”

We would do well to take a lesson from Joseph and Mary. When there is no room at the inn this Christmas season, think of Mary and Joseph and say, “No room, No Problem!” When the world says No room, we can say we serve a God who says, “No Problem!”

When you are stressed from the hustle and bustle of the season and the world says there is no room for rest and peace, simply say, No room, No Problem! When in a difficult situation and there seems to be no room for a solution, remember, “No room, No Problem!” When in pain and hardship, when there seems to be no room for comfort, why not say, “No room, No problem!”

Keep your focus on Christ this Christmas. Enjoy Christ this Christmas. Keep Christ in your Christmas. Mary and Joseph had each other and a promise from God. You can have that same promise.

And remember…Like Mary and Joseph you may not find room at the inn, but there is always room at the foot of the cross.

Merry Christmas

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