Dedicated prayer meetings help members find connection through intercession


If there is one thing all church leaders can agree on, it is that prayer must be the foundation upon which every church ministry and activity rests.

“Prayer for the Christian is like air to the human. Without it we don’t survive very well,” said Mike Jackson, director of the office of leadership and church health at the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. “Prayer is our communication channel with God. It’s the way we connect to His power and strength and discern His will to know what to do.”

Recent national and international events that have challenged not only foundational Christian values but also the lives of Christians around the world have driven many believers to intensify their prayer lives. Many churches are establishing dedicated prayer services to set aside time to intercede as well. (continued…)

Read the full story from The Alabama Baptist Newspaperhttp://www.thealabamabaptist.org/print-edition-article-detail.php?id_art=34930

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