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cp-header-logoThe Cooperative Program is Southern Baptists’ unified plan of giving through which cooperating Southern Baptist churches give a percentage of their undesignated receipts in support of the missions and ministries of both the Alabama Baptist State Convention (SBOM) and the Southern Baptist Convention  (IMB, NAMB)

  • It presents a unified and comprehensive budget, throwing a funding blanket over statewide, national and international missions and ministries.
  • It provides a long‐term sustainability for our entities. When a church makes their missions giving as a percentage of their church budgets, it provide consistency and stability.
  • It adheres to our long term Baptist principle that “we can do more together than alone.”
  • The Cooperative Program mitigates competition between entities thereby allowing a balanced strategy.
  • It levels the playing field, and makes a place at the table for all churches. Every church can stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, on level ground, as partners in the gospel.

The History of the Cooperative Program

Since its inception in 1845, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has always had one mission —the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20). To fulfill its assigned part of this divine mandate, each SBC entity made special offering appeals to the churches. This method was referred to as the “societal” approach to missions and resulted in severe financial deficits, competition among entities, overlapping pledge campaigns, and frequent emergency appeals which greatly hampered the expanding ministry opportunities God was giving Southern Baptist. Some entities took out loans to cover operating costs until pledges or special offerings were received.

In 1919, the leaders of the SBC proposed the 75 Million Campaign, a five‐year pledge campaign that, for the first time, included everything – the missions and ministries of all the state conventions as well as that of the Southern Baptist Convention. Though falling short of its goals, a God‐given partnership of missions support was conceived – The Cooperative Program. Since its launch in 1925, the effectiveness of the Cooperative Program has been dependent upon individuals, churches, state conventions, and SBC entities cooperating, working toward a common goal of sharing the gospel with every person on the planet.


Missionary Staff
Jim Swedenburg – full bio
toll free 1-800-264-1225, ext. 283
direct 334-613-2283

Ministry Assistant –
Lori Lockett
toll free 1-800-264-1225, ext. 304
direct 334-613-2304

Free Cooperative Program Resources such as bulletin inserts, informational brochures, video clips, posters, bookmarks, DVDs, children’s resources, missionary moments, and other promotional materials are available at

Special Emphases

PowerPoint Presentations

These and all free resources on our Cooperative Program Resources website

County sheriff urges churches to develop plan for securing offerings

Church offerings are becoming a frequent target for thieves. In recent years a safe containing church offerings was stolen from a Mobile church. Two armed men robbed offerings from a Montgomery church. Thieves broke into [...]

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Why I Believe in the Cooperative Program

By giving through the Cooperative Program, the individual Baptist and the local church can participate in every aspect of fulfilling the Great Commission. Giving through the Cooperative Program is cost-efficient, evangelism-centered and a proven means [...]

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Your Hunger Offering At Work

A little boy was caught snooping through the refrigerator in the church kitchen. When asked why, he said it was because he was hungry! Many of us might have simply sent him on his way. [...]

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Why I Believe in the Cooperative Program

Clarke Skelton My father, Cole Skelton, was an Alabama Baptist pastor, and he taught me from the time I was very young about the importance of tithing. Because I grew up tithing, continuing [...]

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Why I Believe in the Cooperative Program

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Why I Believe in the Cooperative Program

I believe in the Great Commission. I personally cannot share the life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with every person in every nation, but I can give through the Cooperative Program so that our missionaries [...]

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Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering and Week of Prayer for State Missions
Sep 11 – Sep 18 all-day

The MMSMO consolidates the Kathleen Mallory Mission Offering that supports the work of Alabama WMU and the Disaster Relief Offering.

While you are free to give through the MMSMO at any time during the year there will be a special emphasis during the month of September. This year, the week of September 11-18, 2016 is designated as the “Week of Prayer for State Missions”.

The MMSMO will support the ministries of Alabama WMU, Disaster Relief, Church Planting/Church Revitalization, and Global partnership missions.

The State Missions Offering material will be available in late spring.

Cooperative Program Month
Oct 1 all-day
Global Hunger Sunday/World Hunger Sunday
Oct 9 all-day
The second Sunday in October is set aside to educate Southern Baptists on the ongoing worldwide crisis
of starvation and hunger. Offering received through the Alabama Baptist World Hunger Offering is
distributed through the SBC’s Global Hunger Fund through the North American Mission Board and the
International Mission Board to fund hunger ministries throughout the world.

You and other Alabama Baptists’ gifts through the Cooperative Program last year equaled 6.9% of all the undesignated gifts to all 3,208 churches.

  • You supported over 8,800 missionaries around the world.
  • Exposed more than 44,000 college students to the Gospel through Baptist Campus Ministries events and groups.
  • You gave the largest dollar amount given by any state convention.
  • You gave the largest per capita gift of any state convention.
  • You gave 6.9% of undesignated receipts.

And much more!

Your 2016 Cooperative Program Budget Dollar Distribution

Pie Large 2016

Actual 2016 percentages are:

Up to the budgeted amount:

  • SBC Ministries 47%
  • Alabama Baptist Ministries 53%

Gifts above the budgeted amount:

  • SBC Ministries 100%

Your church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program are distributed according to this formula as approved by the messengers at the Alabama Baptist Convention.

For a detailed accounting of where your church’s 2015 gifts went or for a copy of the 2016 Cooperative Program budget, call Jim Swedenburg direct at 334-613-2283, toll free at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 283 or email him at