Cornerstone Church Thriving in Gadsden


I just received terrific news from one of our church plants. Cornerstone Church in Gadsden launched in February 2015. Here’s an excerpt from a text that Cornerstone’s pastor, Daniel Woodcock, sent me:

“We are baptizing seven people this Sunday and have already baptized 10 more this year! We are averaging 32 first time guests every month and in the last two weeks of this month, we’ve already seen 21 first time guests. We completely maxed out our parking lot this past Sunday. We have also raised about $100,000 (over one year’s time) of the $200,000 we need over this next year, all in house! This is above tithes. Things are going well and we’re looking to try to move to two services this September.”

Just a few days later, I received another text: “We had 281 with 31 first time guests! That’s right 31! 281 is our highest attendance for a single service. We have no more parking. Working through how to make more space for people!”

Daniel Woodcock is doing a fine job leading this church. Many Alabama State Board of Missions resources have been invested in this church plant, made possible by gifts of Alabama Baptists through the Cooperative Program and to the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering. Thanks for your faithful praying and giving!

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Cornerstone Church Thriving in Gadsden

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