Alabama Church Planting Basics

Alabama Church Planting Basics is the nuts and bolts or ABC’s of what it takes to plant a church from the planter and the core group’s perspective.  We encourage every planter to attend and bring as many of his core group as possible.  When the participants walk away they will have in hand the structure on which to hang their vision, values, focus group, strategy, etc.

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Churches Planting Churches Training

Churches Planting Churches Training is designed to examine the values underlying the rationale for becoming a sending church.  Then the six steps necessary to make this a reality will be taught in detail.  This training is designed for a church that is seeking to learn how to start a new church or churches from the “sending” church perspective.  Many people are fearful of the whole idea of planting a church because they have no idea as to how they would go about it.  Information dispels anxiety.

Learn more about each upcoming event below.


These events are $25 per person to SBC affiliated participants.
Non-SBC participants are allowed to attend but will be charged $100 per person.
Each participant is responsible for their own hotel accommodations if traveling from outside of the area.

For more information on these events please contact Andrea Towns direct at 334-613-2244, toll free at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 244 or via email at