Churches can reach communities by offering literacy programs


Have you ever been to a foreign country whose language you did not know? Remember how awkward you felt and perhaps how you compensated so others would not suspect your insufficient skills?

Low-level readers face this awkwardness every day. Most adults who are struggling readers hide it very well. They do not want to be embarrassed. More than 36 million adults in the U.S. are functionally illiterate. They are in the neighborhood around your church. Some may be sitting in your Bible study classes or church services.

We define someone as functionally illiterate when their reading, writing or computational skills make it difficult for them to function in everyday life. This person performs under a fifth-grade level. It is difficult for the functionally illiterate to fill out a job application, read memos from work, decipher notes from a child’s teacher, help their child with homework and read the Bible. (continued…)

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