Church administrators should be careful about insurance, overtime pay, salaries


Insurance, overtime pay and staff salaries are three areas church administrators must pay close attention to, said Lee Wright, coordinator of church compensation services for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions.

Through the Affordable Care Act, health insurance is now mandated for everyone, he said. “There are increasing fines for those who have no insurance. This year a new form will be issued by the insurance company, employer or the government — Form 1095 will be a proof of insurance document.”

Wright said every employer of 50 or more full-time employees is mandated to provide health coverage. Churches who offer group health coverage can provide it as a tax-free benefit for the staff. Plans offered by GuideStone Financial Resources are considered group plans even if the church only has one full-time employee, he added.

Wright also said churches must be careful about overtime pay. (continued…)

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