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Hi, my name is Celena McAlpine, and I’m a student at the University of Montevello.

So, what God is teaching me during this time is that He, provides in times where it feels like there’s no hope, in times where it feels like, how am I gonna make it out of the situation, without being torn apart from end to end?

He’s been teaching me that he provides no matter what, He’s teaching me that no matter how much control, I may think I have over my life, I have no control whatsoever, He’s been teaching me that it is time for me to put that control out of my hands and into His hands and to completely have faith and trust in Him.

He’s been teaching me that my life matters, that in situations where I’m in a really dark place, that He has me and that it will be okay.

He’s also been teaching me that there are people out there, who really need the gospel more than ever right now, and that the main goal, is preaching the gospel. It’s getting the gospel to the nations, getting the gospel to everybody, to your family members who haven’t heard, to your friends who haven’t heard, to those who may have heard, but they don’t really know anymore.

He’s really been teaching me how prevalent it is to get it out there and to get it known, He’s been doing some good stuff, but, thank you.

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