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Church Compensation Services exist to assist your church in tax issues for your church and ministers; minister compensation planning; salaries; housing allowance; benefits; retirement planning; financial issues; church and employee insurance; legal issues involving compensation and employees.

Visit our resources area for information about the most recent salary studies, conferences and training opportunities and church administrator resources.

Missionary Staff
Lee Wright – full bio
toll-free 1-800-264-1225, ext. 241
direct 334-613-2241

Ministry Assistants
Linda Hicks
toll-free 1-800-264-1225, ext. 208
direct 334-613-2208

Salary Studies

Conference and Training Opportunities

  • Tax Conference: Conference Goal: To assist ministers, staff, and employees with the greatest tax savings and the church with the greatest stewardship of funds.
  • Financial Issues Conference: This is a new conference that we are offering.  Click the title above to learn more about the many options for what can be taught.
  • Investment and Retirement Planning Principals: The conference goal is to counsel active members and interested investors to develop proper investment and retirement planning principles to achieve their desired goals.
  • Retirement Choices: The conference goal is to provide counsel on the best choices available for GuideStone retirement plan participants approaching retirement.
  • 10 Common Financial Mistakes Made By Ministers: The conference goal is to help ministers eliminate 10 common financial mistake and establish sound fundamental financial planning principles.
  • Secretaries Conference: The Church Retirement Plan is for all employees of Southern Baptist churches, associations and other special ministries. Secretaries are one significant group who benefit from the investment options. Secretaries like all other employees can also benefit from State Board of Missions coverage and contributions. If the secretary is eligible, the State Board of Missions may provide disability protection and survivor benefits.

Church Administrator Resources

Helpful Articles

Tax Savings Tips

Tax Savings Tips Richard Hammar, attorney and CPA, writes the Minister Tax Guide which may be found at From the guide, here are Hammar’s most often missed tax savings tips. Many ministers miss the [...]

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5 easy ways to help your minister save on taxes

It is tax time again! We are in the middle of tax season and the April 15th deadline is about 6 weeks away! The median family income in Alabama is approximately $51,000. A typical Alabama [...]

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Year-End Checklist for Church Treasurers

Housing allowance. The personnel or stewardship committee (or the congregation) should designate a housing allowance for 2011 for ministers who own or rent their home (and for ministers who live in a parsonage and who [...]

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Important Tax News

IRS Mileage Rate The IRS business mileage rate for 2015 has just been released and is 57.5 cents per mile 2014-2015 Medical expenses – tax treatment The basic principle is that payment for a group [...]

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10 plus 20 equals 30

No, this is not a math class, but it is about priorities. Larry Burkett, Ron Blue and Dave Ramsey have spoken to a basic principle for years with regards to spending and budgeting: Money should [...]

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Biggest Tax News for 2014

It is surprising that the biggest tax news for 2014 for many of our pastors and church employees is about health care. If the church pays for or reimburses individual health insurance, that payment becomes [...]

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