Friendly Accountability

In chapter ten of Turnaround Journey, the leadership team at 4C’s church is discussing their “Driving Gauges,” what measurements they will use to gauge and track the progress of objectives and goals for the remainder of the year. Here is what Greg, their coach has to say as they begin. “Greg attempts to clarify his [...]

A New Measure

In chapter 8 of the book Turnaround Journey, the leadership team from 4C’s church is working to identify Destination Indicators for the next 7 months of their journey as a church. Let’s look in on their meeting. As soon as Susan uncaps the marker, Andy begins, “We believe one of our destination indicators could be [...]

Multiplication: Biotic Principle and God’s Choice

Several years ago, I wrote that I believe multiplication is God’s preferred math formula. Every living thing that God created, He created to grow and to reproduce (multiply). None of God’s living creations will grow indefinitely. But all are designed to reproduce themselves. These are natural growth tendencies of all things living. One more of [...]

Symbiosis, It’s Not a Disease

Often in the church and in business, various groups may be working side by side, yet not working cooperatively. Working cooperatively can produce mutual benefits between the various groups. What is needed in the church (and business) world is symbiosis. Symbiosis is another of the biotic principles working in nature providing continual growth and reproduction [...]

Energy Transformation

There are biotic principles working around you and me every day of our lives. Biotic refers to actions caused by living organisms. Biotic principles are the underlying causes which produce ongoing operative life. That may sound a little complicated. So let's break it down. Every living thing that God has created, person, animal, plant, has [...]

Translucence of Aim

Bill and Sharon decided to take the family on a vacation in California. Together, they talked about Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, and San Diego. Each one is a great place to vacation. However, each one has its own climate base. San Diego is far different in weather than San Francisco or Yosemite. Bill was [...]

Motivating for Success?

Susan, in her mind, is in a dead-end job. Working in the office of a small distribution company, there is no opportunity to move up. Though, that has never been part of Susan’s life plan. She’s been doing the same job for twelve years, sitting at the same desk, looking at the same paper forms [...]

Creating a Culture of Discipline

In more than one of his books, Jim Collins writes of successful organizations having a Culture of Discipline. In Great By Choice, Collins remarks, “Discipline, in essence, is consistency in action. Discipline is not the same as regimentation…Discipline is not the same as hierarchical obedience or adherence to bureaucratic rules…” Giving great examples, Collins spends [...]

Is your church transitioning? You’ve got options, resources

Daniel Edmonds said he hopes that the good things happening at Chisholm Baptist Church, Montgomery, can “paint a picture of what other churches can do in the future.” Churches that are facing decline “can still be churches that have an impact toward the future,” said Edmonds, Chisholm’s pastor and director of the office of Sunday School [...]

Whose Mirror Are You Reflecting?

How do you see yourself? We all have a vision of how we look, who we are. You might call this our self-vision. I was recently reading something from Stephen Covey. Actually, reviewing a book I had read years ago. Covey was writing about this subject, vision or how we see our self. Covey wrote, [...]