Four Leadership Responses to Performance

Each person’s every act of performance necessitates a response. Be it a daily routine or a significant change of behavior, every act of performance does generate a response. As a leader, you communicate a response even when you do not respond. And each response communicates. The question becomes, what are you communicating. It may not [...]

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A Call to Church Revitalization

Last fall, I received a call from State Missionary Mike Jackson asking if I would consider returning to the State Board of Missions to work in the area of church revitalization. I prayed and sought godly counsel as I wrestled with this decision. After all, I loved the pastorate and I loved the church I [...]

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Correct Leadership Consistency

Not the mood you are in, but people’s performance should determine your response. Our mood affects our attitude and affects our actions and response to others. Leaders often squelch good performance and lose good performers by allowing our mood to control our response. This is outright poor leadership. Our response to any situation should not [...]

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Do you want the people around you to perform at their best?

A friend of mine, Greg Hill, whom I went to high school with, was recently inducted into the Kentucky Track and Field Hall of Fame. I am very proud of Greg for this achievement. He deserves it. Greg was a multi-year state champion and record holder, a three-time All-American at LSU and collegiate champion with [...]

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Why Didn’t I Get Any?

My father was, in my opinion, a master mechanic. He could work on anything from a toaster to a multi-story H-Vac system. For a few years, he operated a small appliance repair business (on the side) out of our basement. He worked on toasters, irons, and other household appliances – before the throwaway age. No [...]

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Rising to be a Champion

Don Shula was a master at coaching. Shula was the head coach for the Miami Dolphins from 1970 to 1995. Shula’s Dolphins, in 1972 had a perfect season, 17 wins, no losses, the only coach, the only team, to ever have such a season. Shula was named Sportsman of the year in 1993 after becoming [...]

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Coaching Leadership, It Really Works

A study of the teachings and life of Jesus Christ will show that He understood people learn better when they discover answers for themselves. Each of His teaching/learning techniques was focused on the person or persons sitting in front of Him. Be it one person or several thousand, Jesus’ focus was always the same; How [...]

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2019 – Go in the Strength You Have!

It is said that a crocodile’s jaw strength can be up to 3,700 psi (pounds per square inch). However, it appears to be nowhere near as strong as a mother who needs to save her child. In this story, the daughter in this situation was 25-years old. This story demonstrates that a mother’s love and [...]

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The Night Before Jesus Came

On December 23rd, 1823 an anonymous poem appeared in the Troy Sentinel (New York). The poem’s title was “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. That Poem has become widely known over the years since as “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” The author was later identified as, Clement Clark Moore, a professor at the Episcopal General Seminary [...]

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Lead by Example

When he closed his prayer, Joe immediately spoke up, “What we want them (church congregation) to do, we must first lead by example. They must see, hear, and know that each one of us is already actively involved in building relationships with unchurched people. Training and equipping them is one thing, but the practical demonstration [...]

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