Facilities Usage Policy

Legal opinions differ as to the necessity of a church policy for the utilization of facilities. However, a proactive way to protect your church against future changes in the law is to adopt a facilities usage policy. If one is to be adopted, the following statement could be considered: “The use of church facilities shall [...]

Facilities Usage Policy2015-07-28T08:45:52-05:00

Immigration Statement

The leadership of the State Board of Missions is carefully monitoring the status of the federal government potentially using the Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery as a temporary housing site for illegal immigrants coming into the United States through our southern border. As of this posting, such a decision to use the Maxwell facility [...]

Immigration Statement2014-11-03T15:55:14-05:00

Policy Suggestion – Marriage/Weddings

This information is designed to help autonomous Baptist churches think through vital issues and formulate their own internal policies. This resource, like virtually all past and present resources from the State Board of Missions, is not binding on local congregations, which are entirely self-governing. Permission to use this is not required. Download - A Potential [...]

Policy Suggestion – Marriage/Weddings2015-01-27T13:18:27-05:00

Task Force on Sexual Misconduct in Churches

Every Alabama Baptist church is autonomous and each decides for itself how to conduct business. However, some customs and practices do prevail. These are suggestions for your consideration.Suggestions reflect Alabama law. You should contact your legal counsel when creating policies. The Task Force Produced a Report in the Form of Resources to Protect Your Church [...]

Task Force on Sexual Misconduct in Churches2019-03-01T14:50:03-05:00

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Our story is not totally unique in that we wanted to be parents, but after six years of marriage, we had not been blessed with children. Then, as now, we truly couldn't understand why anyone would choose to end the life of a child when all we wanted was to have one ourselves. My wife [...]

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday2019-02-12T22:19:20-05:00

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