Building Alignment in Your Life and Leadership

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Have you ever known a leader who was maddeningly insecure – about everything? They live among us. These are people in management or leadership positions who are wobbly and always teetering, questioning, seeking the right answer to appear. Never confident in their decision-making abilities.

Honestly, we all – every leader at every level has a little insecurity inside. A little secret, that is okay and, in most cases healthy.

I was once selected to serve on a Pastor Search Committee for our church. I tried to talk my way out of it. That did not work. Then I was elected to chair that committee. Though I was serving in leadership roles in the corporate world, the only thing I was confident about in this situation was that all three of the other men (and the four women) on this committee were better qualified for the role of chairperson.

The men were twenty something years older than me and well seasoned leaders. These men were role models for me. My confidence was in them, not me. God taught me a lot through that process. One of the main things was to trust Him and surround myself with great leaders.

Another principle I learned was as Craig Groschel writes, “You don’t have to be confident in yourself, your gifts, your talents, or your resume.” Our confidence is found in God alone. Serving on that committee was a great learning and a very humbling experience from the beginning.

If you desire to be enduringly fruitful, confidence in God is significant. It is not about being the most experienced, eloquent speaking, wisest person in the room. Confidence comes not from mastering certain skills or abilities. Confidence, as a Christian, comes from trusting God and being open to the work He calls you too. Even if that work appears to be beyond your scope of capability.

When God told Moses that he would be the one to stand before Pharoah to have him free the Israelites, Moses said, “But God, I am not a good speaker.” God said “I am!”

Paul wrote to the Corinthian church about his weaknesses, and his confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit. We all have weaknesses. But rather than dwell on them, find those God has placed around you who have strengths in the areas you are weak. Do not try to hide or masquerade around weaknesses. Recognize them, delegate those areas and concentrate on the confidence of using what God has given you to be fruitful for Him.

No one is great in every area of leadership. Focus on what you can do with the strengths God has given you. Develop those, strive to be better at the things you can improve, while at the same time accepting your weaknesses.

With what limitations have your thought processes shackled you? Step out of Satan’s shackles by stepping into God’s design for your life. What will you do this week to build better alignment in your life?

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