National flag of Israel

Recent horrific events related to the attacks of Hamas on innocent people in Israel has caught the attention of the world and broken our hearts as Christians. Understandably, Israel is seeking to protect itself from attacks from Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups.

Alabama Baptists join the larger family of Southern Baptists in condemning these heinous crimes against innocent and vulnerable people.

We realize that relations in this region are historically complicated. For 75 years, we have rightly recognized Israel as the only democracy in the region.

Furthermore, we know that there are fellow Christians and other freedom-loving people in Israel and beyond in the Middle East, and we offer them our prayer support.

We are praying for our national leaders as the world faces this regional crisis. We believe it is incumbent upon our national leaders to take action to confront terrorism in all forms and especially to prevent future attacks.

In the days to come, our national resolve concerning this situation will be tested. May we be found faithful in praying for a just peace knowing that true peace only comes from the Prince of Peace.

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