Hi, my name is Bobby Wood, Send City Missionary for Salt Lake City. And I just wanted to take a minute to share with you what God has been teaching me personally through this whole coronavirus pandemic. Back in February, we were on a really good track.

I’m a very goal-oriented person, and things in our city were moving forward. We were gonna have a banner year in church planning. We had several planners slated for assessment. We had GenSend coming for the first time in Salt Lake City in about four or five years. We were so excited about what God is doing. My daughter had her first solo in her school play.

My son was about to have his five-year graduation or his kindergarten graduation. And then all of a sudden, coronavirus hits and shuts everything down. And it really was a hard time for me to wrestle with all those goals that I had set up, that were now changed. God has been teaching me through this whole process that he is good, he’s in control of every little thing, and that I just need to trust him and his plan and his process.

And even though I have goals, and they may be good goals, God ultimately sets the pace. He sets the goals for me so that I can follow in his footsteps. And at the end of the day, God just wants me to be faithful to follow. So I’m still learning, but I am thankful for God’s work in teaching me these hard lessons.

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