What Will You Give This Christmas?

For many, Christmas is a time of family and friends spending time together eating, talking, laughing, and making memories. Most college students look forward to a long Christmas break filled with sleeping late, home-cooked meals, [...]

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Spiritual leaders hear sobering word about child sexual abuse within church

Research suggests at least 60 million Americans are survivors of sexual abuse. Concerned churches must be proactive in protecting children in their care from predators. That was the message of the MinistrySafe Conference held at [...]

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‘Stick to what Jesus told us to do;’ Gandy urges daily discipleship

There’s a lot out there that’s not true discipleship. Malachi Gandy has seen it, he’s heard it and he’s been a part of it. But he wants others to learn from his experiences. A few [...]

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Discipleship more than ‘upgrade’ on Christianity

The word “Christian” appears three times in the New Testament. The word “disciple” appears 176 times in Matthew, John and Acts alone, Derek Gentle said. So then, obedience to God’s Word should naturally place us [...]

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Time is ticking second by second; use your time to make disciples, Davidson says

When you read the Bible from cover to cover, a lot of themes may jump out. But Stuart Davidson says one truth you can’t miss is this — time is fleeting. “The most precious resource [...]

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Never live easily in sin, Thweatt urges

John Thweatt says his biggest fear is that he will be so comfortable in his own sin that he will step into the pulpit one day and find that the anointing of God has left. [...]

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