Why I Believe in the Cooperative Program

When I think of the Cooperative Program, I think of the Great Commission because I see how they work in tandem. There are so many ways the Kingdom of God has been furthered through the [...]

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Celebrating a New Baby

We celebrate new babies in our family, as I am sure you do in yours. On April 1, the Renascent Church launched in the Mobile Baptist Association. A new baby church has been born into [...]

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Let’s Pray

Let’s pray. Let’s really pray for the SBC Meeting in Dallas in just a matter of days. Let’s begin by praying for the president of the Southern Baptist Convention and other presiding officers as they [...]

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Why Do We Settle For Making Converts When We Are Called To Make Disciples?

The phrase make disciples, not converts is popping up around the world in magazines, blogs, books, and academic journals as if it’s a great revelation even though Jesus clearly commanded us to make disciples.1 So what’s all the fuss? Is there [...]

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As VBS approaches, here are some helpful tips

Vacation Bible School (VBS) remains the No. 1 outreach event for Southern Baptist churches. It has the potential to affect the eternal destiny of children and families in your community. Every child a church reaches [...]

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TJ and Dena Odom

Catch up with TJ and Dena Odom, church planting catalysts in Glasgow, Scotland, and learn about their call to missions, their ministry in Glasgow and how you can pray for and be involved in their [...]

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