Fix Me, Jesus, Fix Me

In the days following the Church Revitalization conference which the State Board of Missions held in May, I began thinking about my own personal revitalization.

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Don’t Become a Wimp

Long before the word “wimp” was a computer term or a descriptor for a music streaming service, it was used to describe a cowardly person

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Critical Mission Fields

When I hear college and university campuses across Alabama referred to as a “mission field,” my mind immediately goes to some of the other mission

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God Is In Control

Judah was in trouble. They were under attack from foreign nations. King Jehoshaphat was afraid and sought God. In desperation, he called Judah to fast

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God Cares

Pray for students to realize how much God loves them, amidst all their worries and concerns, and for them to cast their cares upon Him.

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