Sand timer on yellow background
Cooperative Program
Jay Stewart

The Clock is Ticking

I’ve always loved playing games and competing. Like many of you, I enjoy competition, and I always have. I played sports in high school, competed in various recreation leagues as

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Three brass colored cooking pans
Church Revitalization
George Yates

Rising Above our Own Ignorance

In his book, See You at the Top, Zig Ziglar shares this story; “Several years ago in Columbia, South Carolina, a young cookware salesman sat In my office. It was

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Group of people praying in worship
Collegiate Ministries
Alabama Baptist SBOM

Collegiate Day of Prayer is Feb. 23

An annual day of prayer for college students is coming at a pivotal time in the spiritual lives of students throughout the nation and across Alabama. The Collegiate Day of

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Open hand
Church Administration
Jay Stewart

An Open Hand Before God

Did you know that the topic most referenced in the Bible is love? While that may not surprise you, you may be surprised that the second most referenced biblical topic

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