Today’s post by Sean Keith is the first one in our Coach’s Guide to Sunday School resource provided by the office of Sunday School and Discipleship. To see the full

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Why is the ACP Important?

Asking such a question may sound a bit skeptical, or even cynical. Yet currently, more times than I can ever recall, the question is posed. My purpose is not to

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Youth Ministries
Alabama Baptist SBOM

Transitioning Friends

A very wise mentor in my life once told me to always meet a kid like you will know them for the rest of your life, because you might. That

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Sharing Across Alabama

Some have said, “Pastors will be held responsible for the failure to train lay persons to share their faith,” and Ephesians 4:11-12 does say “we are to equip His people

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The Daily Dozen

12 Habits That Should Mark Every Believer’s Praying and Living Where these Daily Dozen are practiced, that life is seeking to please the Father, following Jesus as Lord. Jesus said

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