I am a longtime pastor in the Alabama Baptist State Convention. I am at Sardis Baptist Church in Boaz. I have been serving as a pastor for almost 40 years. I have watched and participated in missions and evangelism all through those years.

As our churches give through the Cooperative Program, we help young students go to college and seminaries and prepare for the Lord’s calling on their life.

I have met many of our IMB missionaries through the years, and I know our church could never send that many by ourselves.

Two years ago, our son and daughter-in-law went with IMB to the mission field. I have watched them go to language school in a foreign country and learn the language. Now we are watching them plant a church, and it is amazing to see how the Cooperative Program really works.

You can multiply that by the thousands and see what our Cooperative Program does. Couple that with the power of the Gospel, and it an unstoppable force. Thank God for the Cooperative Program.

Mike Goforth, trustee, Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, and pastor, Sardis Baptist Church, Boaz

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Why I Believe in the Cooperative Program

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