I believe in the Cooperative Program because it works!


Since 1925, Southern Baptists have invested in financial cooperation rather than competition for Great Commission ministries.

Countless lives have been touched and millions have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ because of faithful Southern Baptists giving through their local churches through the Cooperative Program. The past 92 years testify to the eternal impact of God’s people working together with earthly treasures for His eternal work.

Of course, the Cooperative Program is more than money. It represents dollars ignited by a God-size vision and passion to reach the lost for Christ. From the local church to associations, state conventions, SBC entities and the SBC, God’s people have pooled resources to equip believers and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ both near and far. The Cooperative Program is fuel for a God-given mission.

The Cooperative Program is about a people on mission. It is a portrait of many members of one body working together to accomplish God’s purpose for His church.

Together we can send more missionaries, offer a Christian education to more college students, train more seminary students, plant more churches, offer relief to more people in crisis, and defend Biblical principles and values more effectively before all levels of government than any one church could do on its own.

The Cooperative Program represents a passionate people on mission 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I believe in the Cooperative Program because it is a tributary for changed lives.

I am one of those lives. I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior in a Southern Baptist church. I was nurtured in my faith; I surrendered to the Gospel ministry; I was equipped in both college and seminary through institutions of higher education that received Cooperative Program dollars.

The many Great Commission ministries of the State Board of Missions continue to equip and strengthen me and our church to be intentional with life on mission with Jesus. And now I am blessed to lead one of our precious Alabama Baptist churches to be good stewards through the Cooperative Program!

Why do I believe in the Cooperative Program? Because I am a life that was changed!

To those who have gone before us, thank you. To those who carry the torch for the Cooperative Program today, persevere. And to those who come behind us, get on board with the most effective and efficient denominational mission program in the world.

Tim Cox, senior pastor, Liberty Baptist Church, Chelsea (Shelby Association); trustee, Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions; and first vice president, Alabama Baptist State Convention

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I believe in the Cooperative Program because it works!

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