I wholeheartedly support the Cooperative Program, because I believe that we as the church can do more together than we can individually. The Cooperative Program is, by far, the most effective way of sending and supporting missionaries this world has ever seen. One of the most powerful things about the Cooperative Program is that each cooperating church plays a role in all aspects of mission work in our state, nation and world. While an individual church may not send boots on the ground, they are paving the way and making it possible for boots to be on the ground. It is such a powerful sight to see, for example, in times of natural disaster, the yellow Disaster Relief shirts and know that Alabama Baptists help make that possible. Personally, as a product of a Southern Baptist seminary, the Cooperative Program enabled me to be trained in ministry at a discounted cost. The Cooperative Program makes possible for every church to be a Great Commission church!

— Daniel Atkins, pastor, Taylor Road Baptist Church, Montgomery

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