I served in South Asia. I saw a lot. But something I’ll never forget is this:

 “Woman.” She said.

Eyes desperate. 

Skinny girl. 

Tattered dress and matted hair.

 “Woman.” Said with her hands held out, body shaking. 

She looks back as if someone is watching her. 


Poverty is real. it’s heart-wrenching. This was my first encounter with begging.

Children who have nothing are forced by their elders to get money from anyone they can.
My team was only allowed to give candy if this happens so we would often have candy to give the kids in these situations. But hearing her call to me over and over and over again, it spoke to me in a deeper way. 

This is what South Asia is like.
This is its heart…begging.
Begging for something to hold on to.
Begging for Truth and new Life.
Begging for Jesus.

If only they knew that it’s a free invitation.
If only they know Isaiah 55! Come! Buy and eat, without money and without cost. It’s free! Here! accept it! 

We need laborers. We need believers, who have been entrusted with the greatest news of our lives, to go and give this news to them.

This experience was shared by L, a student that served in South Asia this summer. 

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