Some people are completely obsessed with self improvement. Millions of dollars, countless hours, tons of energy and unbelievable effort are spent on trying to make one’s self better.
We are consumed with becoming better in our profession, seeking training and education to be the best we can be.

We strive with dedication and determination to become better in our hobbies and recreational interests. We watch TV programs, read magazines, attend seminars, hire a personal trainer, purchase the latest and newest equipment, and invest a lot of energy practicing in order to become better.

Wonder what we would look like as believers if we spent a fraction of that investment seeking to become better believers? Becoming a better believer ought to be the daily aspiration of each Christian.

How does one become a better believer? In 1 John 2: 3-11, we find some insights into what it takes to improve our spiritual lives. To become a better believer, John says we need to walk in obedience to God’s commands. As a Christian, do we obey His Word because we have to, because we need to or because we want to? Obeying should be our response of love to our Savior. As the great hymn of faith states, “Trust and obey, for there’s no better way!”

Another way we become better believers is to imitate Christ. Jesus is the Perfect Pattern for our lives.  The only way we can walk as Jesus walked is to spend time with Him, to get to know Him. It is the idea found in John 15 of “abiding in Christ.” To “abide” means to depend upon Him completely. He is the all-sufficient One to meet every need we have in our lives.

To become a better believer, we must love one another. Practicing Christ’s love is what distinguishes believers from those in the world. Loving each other indicates that we are walking in the light! This love was first expressed to us by our Heavenly Father. Because He has loved us, we can love others.

Following these three simple suggestions from 1 John will help us become better believers. Indeed all of us could use some personal spiritual self improvement!

Mike Jackson
State Missionary

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