About Daniel Edmonds

State Missionary Daniel Edmonds has been employed by the State Board of Missions since 1996 and is currently the Director of the Office of Sunday School and Discipleship. Daniel's responsibilities include assisting associations and churches in developing and/or maintaining a standard of excellence in Sunday School work. Daniel and his wife Terri, are members at Vaughn Forest Baptist Church, Montgomery. They have a son and a daughter.

Rediscover the Value of Enrolling People in Sunday School

It is hard to be on mission without identifying the mission field and making a commitment to cultivate the field. Recent church reports have many leaders concerned about the future of the church. No doubt part of the problem is an inward rather than an outward focus. Properly understood, this is what enrollment is about: [...]

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Start Right

As a relatively new and inexperienced Minister of Education, I can remember going with the Sunday School Director to a conference sponsored by the Alabama Baptist State Sunday School Office. It was a thrill and inspiration to both of us. On the way home we began to dream the dream of what could happen at [...]

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Directing Sunday School with Skill

The heartbeat of this effort is to provide for those who direct the Sunday School a volume of information that will keep them current and supply them with ongoing resources. Each year supplemental pages of fresh ideas, insights, and instructional works will be provided for those who continue to direct the Sunday School. It is [...]

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Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change

John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life.” There are many pastors who wish they could break or circumvent that law, but it would be better to embrace it as reality and adjust sails to navigate successfully the winds of change. Change has happened, is happening and will happen. It can be situational, [...]

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Ideas for High Contact Sundays

IDEA #1: FAMILY-FRIENDS AND FUN DAY In Advance Choose a Sunday that will be the best time for people to attend. Avoid vacation and holiday times. Avoid times when church families will be gone. Plan for a meal to take place after the worship service. The church will provide a covered dish or cater a [...]

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A Model For Ministry That Never Changes

“Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” We live in a rapidly changing society where the effectiveness and relevance of virtually everything is being questioned. What about Sunday School, home groups, life groups, cell groups? Are any of these the "silver bullet" that may be counted on for the future? Indeed, [...]

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Coaching Defined

Through the years, your Alabama Baptist state missionaries have partnered with local churches and associations in a variety of roles, including consultants, conference leaders and co-laborers. In the future, many state missionaries will be trained to serve in a new capacity as a coach. It might serve us well to describe how a state missionary [...]

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Discover Personal Revitalization Along the Ordinary Path

“And He must needs go through Samaria” is a striking statement that has often been used to speak of purpose and focus in Jesus’ life. It could be used as an example of Jesus’ extraordinary intentionality in the ordering of His steps. Certainly this explanation would be of value in instructing and encouraging believers to be [...]

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