About Chris Mills

State Missionary Chris Mills has been employed by the State Board of Missions since 2008 and is currently an associate in Collegiate & Student Ministries. As a student missions mobilizer, Chris helps students serve in various missions capacities. He also works with community college campus ministers, international student ministries and assists in social media efforts for the office. Chris and his wife Brooke, are members at First Baptist Church, Montgomery. They have one daughter.

Announcing: Career Plant

  What are you going to do after college? Where will you live and work? What are you going to do for the rest of your life? Life after college can seem scary and full of unknowns. There are so many questions to answer, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out where the [...]

Announcing: Career Plant2019-04-18T13:02:51-05:00

Go and Spread His Word

“God will provide us opportunities to go and spread His word.” A.J. Wasden had heard those words since he was a little kid at Springhill Baptist Church in Franklin (Bethlehem Baptist Association). Wasden had prayed many times for the Lord to give him that chance, but Springhill was a small church. Thus, his opportunities to [...]

Go and Spread His Word2019-02-07T15:42:04-05:00

Reach Every Student

With the beginning of a new year, let’s take time to reflect. To celebrate. To praise God for what He has done – and for what He will do. We launched a new emphasis at the annual state convention meeting in November: Reach Every Student. With more than 200,000 students in Alabama who do not [...]

Reach Every Student2019-02-12T22:17:38-05:00

Thank You for Praying!

“Sharing the Gospel isn’t just a mission trip task. Sharing the Gospel is part of our lives.” Those are the words on a report from a One Mission Student serving in Chicago. Those words are echoed in countless reports that are coming in from students serving across the globe. I’ve been privileged to serve with [...]

Thank You for Praying!2018-07-23T11:26:15-05:00

What Will You Give This Christmas?

For many, Christmas is a time of family and friends spending time together eating, talking, laughing, and making memories. Most college students look forward to a long Christmas break filled with sleeping late, home-cooked meals, reconnecting with local friends, and enjoying being home with family. This Christmas ten students from universities across the state of [...]

What Will You Give This Christmas?2019-02-12T22:18:02-05:00

Coming Home, Forgiveness and Love

Homecoming is taking place on many high school and college campuses this month: football games, parades, seeing old friends, lots of good food and plenty of cheering. It’s a fun time with a lot of emotions involved in the anticipation and preparation. In all, a celebration is happening. But other situations may come to mind [...]

Coming Home, Forgiveness and Love2018-01-04T08:45:13-05:00

Road Trip With a Purpose

I love experiencing the eagerness of this current generation of college students to be personally involved in service to humanity. They desire practical ways to put their faith into action. I saw this recently as I drove a group from Auburn BCM to Vidor, Texas, to join with 220 other college students and assist in [...]

Road Trip With a Purpose2019-02-12T22:18:05-05:00

The truest picture of friendship

Friendship is something we all long for. Yet real friendship is something that can be hard to find. In our world of social media, we can define friendship simply by learning about one’s life through an app on our phone.  When I think of friendship, I can’t help but think of the creation story and of God creating [...]

The truest picture of friendship2018-01-04T08:45:36-05:00

Spring Break 2017 Missions Experience

This spring has brought a lot of life change for me and my family. We welcomed our little boy into the world in late March. He is a blessing to our family and is tangible evidence of lives changed – both his and ours! As I’ve gotten back in the office and begun to review [...]

Spring Break 2017 Missions Experience2017-04-13T14:03:53-05:00

Pursue Survey and Reflections

I’ve had a couple of weeks now to spend some time reflecting on PURSUE Conference 2017 – a weekend designed to help college students and young adults on their journey, finding their place in God’s ultimate purpose and design for their lives. There were so many great components of our time together, but one keeps [...]

Pursue Survey and Reflections2017-03-07T21:15:18-05:00

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