About Chip Smith

State Missionary Chip Smith has been employed by the State Board of Missions since May 2007 and is currently an associate in the Office of LeaderCare & Church Administration. Chip and his wife Elise, are members at Prattmont Baptist Church, Prattville. They have two children and three grandchildren.

Why be Bivocational?

Since being bivocational is a challenging lifestyle in any vocation, why would any pastor be bivocational?  Here are few reasons: 1.  Intentionally Bivocational Frequently a pastor is led by God to be intentionally “bivocational.”  He is convinced that this is his calling – to serve only as a bivocational pastor. In fact, these pastors are [...]

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Basic Facts About Bivocational Ministers

1.  Bivocational ministers are overworked and under paid. It’s not hard to agree that all bivocational ministers are overworked.  Anyone in any profession who has two “full-time” jobs will be over worked.  Because bivocational pastors are viewed as full-time pastors by their churches and, in many situations, the other job may be full-time as well, [...]

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Joys & Positive Aspects of Bivocational Ministry

1.    The financial base for church ministry, as well as the pastor’s personal financial base, is usually stronger. Churches with bivocational pastors usually find that their financial base is stronger because there is not an expected obligation to pay a “full-time” salary and provide expected benefits.  It simply means they can put more of their [...]

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Challenges of Bivocational Ministry

1.  Self-Image  Many bivocational ministers, especially pastors, often suffer from a low self-image of their ministry.  Considering the historic role and current importance that bivocational ministry has in God’s Kingdom, it’s hard to imagine why any bivocational ministers, especially pastors, could have even occasional feelings of low self-image.  There are those who feel that “fully-funded” [...]

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