About Brian Harris

Brian Harris is a State Missionary in Communications and Technology Services office serving as the Web, Social Media and Email Marketing Strategist.

ALBaptistStaffing.org Helps Alabama Baptist Churches Cast a Wider Net

The vision for ALBaptistStaffing.org began a few years ago based on the need to help Alabama Baptist churches find great candidates for their open positions. Alabama Baptist churches that want to cast a wider net can place public ads on the site for free. Emails are sent as new positions are posted to candidates who [...]

ALBaptistStaffing.org Helps Alabama Baptist Churches Cast a Wider Net2019-02-12T22:18:19-05:00

Using Snapchat for Your Church

Our annual Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) “Speak” drew in nearly 900 students from the ages of 12 to 18 from across Alabama. It’s a time for them to be recharged and encouraged to share their faith with fellow students. When I began working at the State Board of Missions in 2012, we started using a [...]

Using Snapchat for Your Church2019-02-12T22:18:27-05:00

Start 2016 with new tools for your tech and communications ministry

As your church looks to make last minute, end-of-the-year purchases, consider these five items (in no particular order) as “must haves” for any communication and technical ministry:  5. Planning Center - http://get.planningcenteronline.com/ Planning Center has become a must-have tool for keeping worship and tech teams organized. I haven’t found anything comparable that can unify a [...]

Start 2016 with new tools for your tech and communications ministry2019-02-12T22:18:39-05:00

Do You Really Need an App for That?

I don’t want to rain on your app parade…but I do want you to think about that shiny new app you’ve had your eye on. The church down the road just spent major bucks on one and you saw them marketing it in your community. Everyone’s downloading it right? It’s the cool thing to do. [...]

Do You Really Need an App for That?2019-02-12T22:18:47-05:00

Lessons from the Masters

I recently had the opportunity to attend a practice round of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga. As I watched the golfers go through their practice swings and putts, I couldn’t help but notice all of the other people surrounding them in support. Not only did each golfer have a caddy that walks with them, [...]

Lessons from the Masters2019-02-12T22:19:10-05:00

Be Bold

On my daily morning commute to the Baptist Building, I tend to drive the same direction and see the same things every day.  This morning though, I noticed something different. In the midst of the cold temperatures stood a lanky gentleman moving briskly through the parked cars at the traffic light selling newspapers.  He worked [...]

Be Bold2019-02-12T22:19:19-05:00

Intro to Twitter

If you’ve resisted the urge long enough and you’ve decided to join millions of others who now take place in conversations 140 letters at a time, this tutorial is for you. Twitter is a great way to share information and quick thoughts with others in short form. Many people use it to network with their [...]

Intro to Twitter2019-02-12T22:19:19-05:00

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Our story is not totally unique in that we wanted to be parents, but after six years of marriage, we had not been blessed with children. Then, as now, we truly couldn't understand why anyone would choose to end the life of a child when all we wanted was to have one ourselves. My wife [...]

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday2019-02-12T22:19:20-05:00

Why Your Church Needs A Website

Josh Driggers found his new church home — Glynwood Baptist Church, Prattville — after the military moved his family to the area. The church had something he and his wife thought was important: an active Internet presence, both on the church’s Web page and Facebook. “Our thoughts were if a church doesn’t have these, then [...]

Why Your Church Needs A Website2019-02-12T22:19:20-05:00

Introducing the new ALSBOM.org

Even before I joined the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions officially in February of this year, we began talking about the need to refresh the current ALSBOM.org website.  While the previous design was great, it definitely was showing age in several ways. Studying our analytics (how people use our site) we discovered that a growing amount [...]

Introducing the new ALSBOM.org2019-02-12T22:19:21-05:00

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