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2014 Resolutions

RESOLUTION NO. 1 ON ORPHAN CARE WHEREAS, Every Christian has received in Christ the Spirit of adoption by which we call on God as our

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New “Heaven” Video Now Available

GOOD NEWS! The new video “Heaven” with Billy Graham is now available for streaming and download on the following website: Please email me. Phil Winningham

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My Hope 2014

Your Evangelism Office wants to make you aware of My Hope 2014 with Billy Graham. Last year our state led the nation in the My

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The Good Missionary

I owe my life to missionaries. Growing up as an orphan in rural Kenya, missionaries—some long-term, some short-term—intervened at key junctions in my life. Missionaries

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Alabama Baptist SBOM

How to Connect with Your Partners

In ALL connecting points, be sure to follow security information provided by your partners!  If you have multiple partners, follow individual security information. Communicate with

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