Alabama Baptist, as you know, it’s the beginning of school time and we wanna pray for those who are students, teachers, administrators, all who are involved not only in elementary, preschool, high school, but in the college arena, as well. This is an important time in the lives of young people, children and young people.

So, we want to bathe them in prayer and the entirety of the situation, especially during this COVID resurgence. Please, Alabama Baptist, stay as safe and healthy as possible as we look forward to this time of school beginning.

It’s not too early for us to talk to you about the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering. You can go to our website and find out how you can get materials there, but I wanna pledge to you that this is something very important in supplementing great commission ministries.

So, I would appeal to you that you join us, all of us as Alabama Baptist in making sure that we’re doing our very best to fulfill the great commission right here in Alabama.

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