It started with just one.

Zach Beasley had shared his testimony with a few dozen guys at one of the dorms. Fifteen had given him their names and said they were interested in meeting up for Bible study.

But only one came.

“For some reason, I wasn’t discouraged. I was like, ‘God, this means you’re about to do something amazing,’” said Beasley, Baptist campus minister for Alabama State University (ASU).

A few minutes later, the student told him he’d texted a friend and told him he should come too. He did.

“So I was just talking to the two of them and trying to get to know them, and as other people they knew walked by, they said, ‘Hey, we’re having Bible study, you should join us,’” Beasley said.

And they did.

“By the end of this session, I look up and there are 10 freshman guys in front of me,” Beasley said. “I asked them if they would like to do it again next week, and they said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’”

And 10 grew to 20, all by word of mouth…(continue)

The article “ASU Campus Minister Seeing Fruit in First Year” was first published on the Alabama Baptist Newspaper.

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