Day 8

It 's All About the Gospel

Kevin Ezell

NAMB President

Lately, we’ve often heard North America described as polarized. More and more, people are divided along ethnic, political and cultural lines. At a time when it seems like disunity rules the day, I’m grateful for our missionaries in North America who are unashamedly all about the gospel—a gospel that unites people in Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, it is the good news of Jesus and His salvation that can mend the rifts and heal the lost who are all around us. Millions across North America have yet to respond to the gospel, but through your gifts, the power of prayer and our own faithful witness, God can and will draw people to Himself.

Day 8 5

Prayer Requests:

  • For missionaries to share the gospel boldly and winsomely with those in their communities.
  • For strength and wisdom in dealing with a culture that’s often hostile to Christian faith.

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