Day 7

The Mission Field is Here

Mojic & Munkho Baldandorj

Denver, Colorado

God began pursuing Mojic in Mongolia where he grew up as an atheist. He heard the gospel from a college friend and gave his life to Christ. Soon after, he felt called to attend seminary.

“My wife and I had been praying about starting a church somewhere in America. We felt called to share the gospel with the thousands of Mongolians who had moved to the States,” explains Mojic. “And that’s how we ended up leaving Mongolia and moving here.”

Denver’s growing Mongolian population is estimated to be over 1,500. Most of Mojic’s church members are first-generation immigrants and were raised atheist like he was. It is a challenge to overcome their worldview and cultural influences.

“People might think it’s strange for missionaries like us to leave our country and come to America, but I think we need to shift our thinking,” says Mojic. “The mission field is here.”

Day 7 5

Prayer Requests:

  • For true spiritual revival among Mongolians in Denver.
  • For Mojic and Munkho’s leadership in helping to plant more Mongolian churches in other U.S. cities.

Lately, we’ve often heard North America described as polarized. More and more, people are divided along ethnic, political and cultural lines. At a time when it seems like disunity rules the day, I’m grateful for our missionaries in North America who are unashamedly all about the gospel—a gospel that unites people in Jesus Christ.

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