Day 6

Training the Next Generation


San Diego, California

College students are shaping the future of North America by learning to live on mission.

Ebbie Davis first came to San Diego as a college student in 2015 with NAMB’s GenSend student missionary program. Then, God called her to go back and become a church planting team member and GenSend city coach.

“We have eight students who previously participated in the program and now live life on mission in San Diego. When you give, it invests in people like us,” explains Ebbie.

In the summer-long program, college students work alongside a church plant or in a compassion ministry.

“They develop habits and tools to take back home with them—whether that be in another city, in a rural farm town or in preparation to come back to our city and serve here,” says Ebbie.

Day 6 5

Prayer Requests:

  • For more college students to serve through GenSend.
  • For GenSenders to seek God’s guidance as they graduate and live on mission through their careers.

God began pursuing Mojic in Mongolia where he grew up as an atheist. He heard the gospel from a college friend and gave his life to Christ. Soon after, he felt called to attend seminary. “My wife and I had been praying about starting a church somewhere in America. We felt called to share the gospel with the thousands of Mongolians who had moved to the States,”…

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