Day 5

Joshua Valdez: A Light In Darkness

Farmington, New Mexico

Joshua Valdez says his city is a place of emotional and spiritual darkness. It’s a melting pot of culture and religion. Its residents are mostly Hispanic and Navajo, and the Navajo are very much “a forgotten people,” said Joshua, who also has both heritages.

The people have one common struggle—they often battle feelings of despair or worthlessness. He observes that as a church planter and at his job as an intervention specialist at a local high school.

“I see the hopelessness of the youth,” he said. “Most of them are coming from really rough situations.”

But many have grown to trust Joshua and visit his church plant, Higher Ground Church. During youth group gatherings there, he intentionally teaches the Bible verse by verse. Many are hearing it for the first time, and it’s changing their lives.

Day 5 7

Prayer Requests:

  • For more students to join Joshua’s Bible studies.
  • For the members of Higher Ground Church to be a light to their community.

Your Alabama Connection:

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Lynn & Lori as they serve the people of Geraldine, Alabama.
  • Pray for the ministry they are doing to reach many people for Christ.
  • Pray for The Bridge Ministries to be a light to the people in their community.

Bobby and LaKeisha Williams have a simple goal—to meet the deep need of New Orleans with the even deeper love of Christ. In the city, some buildings are still boarded up from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The area around the Williamses’ church plant is predominantly African American and low-income.