Day 5

Reaching the City Together

Rob & Annabeth Wilton

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

After spending a decade in ministry in New Orleans, God called Rob and Annabeth to a new work. From their first visit, the Wiltons knew they were called to the historic city of Pittsburgh.

“There’s more than 2 million people, and the gospel hasn’t reached most of them. In lots of cities our size, Southern Baptists have started 20, 30, 40 churches in the last few years. But here, it’s hard. I can count the number of churches we’ve started on one hand,” explains Rob.

As the Send City Missionary, Rob came to Pittsburgh— not just to plant a church—but to reach the city by inspiring planters to work together.

“I’m planting a church in southwest Pittsburgh. Our new church has united with existing plants to recruit, train and send new planters. As one team, we’re already seeing how God is making us stronger together,” says Rob.

Day 5 5

Prayer Requests:

  • For more church planting missionaries who feel called to Pittsburgh.
  • For unity among the church planting leaders.

College students are shaping the future of North America by learning to live on mission. Ebbie Davis first came to San Diego as a college student in 2015 with NAMB’s GenSend student missionary program. Then, God called her to go back and become a church planting team member and GenSend city coach.

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