Day 4

The Road to Recovery

Jonathan & Yesenia Santiago

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

The immediate threat has blown over, but Hurricane Maria left a deep impact in social, emotional and financial scars on Puerto Rico. That overwhelming need is what drew Jonathan and Yesenia back to the island from their home in New York.

Jonathan serves as the director of Send Relief Puerto Rico. He works with local churches and agencies to identify people and communities in crisis and match the needs with the volunteer relief teams arriving each week. Jonathan says that physical needs are easier to address, but it’s the emotional and spiritual issues that also must be acknowledged.

“Although very religious, because of its catholic background that connects to our Spanish heritage, Puerto Rico is mostly lost. I always tell our volunteers, the most important part of their work isn’t the roof they are replacing, it’s the people under the roof,” says Jonathan.

Day 4 5

Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom and direction for Jonathan, his family and the volunteers who serve with them.
  • That God will open doors to share the gospel.

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