Alabama Volunteers at Work in Monroe, Louisiana


Even though there are neighborhoods that are inaccessible, Alabama volunteers are at work assisting residents in Monroe, Louisiana and providing ministry for those who are now able to return to their homes. The Chilton Association team, currently serving in the area, has been asked to provide disaster relief leadership to local Southern Baptists so that neighbors can help neighbor. They are assisting with hands-on training and providing direction for a community overwhelmed by devastation following recent flooding.

Beginning Friday, March 18, Alabama will systematically dispatch additional teams to the assigned area. Disaster Relief teams from Baldwin, Cleburne and St. Clair Associations will be on-site as operations ramp up and more assessments are completed and permission from homeowners is granted allowing Disaster Relief volunteers to provide assistance. Eight additional Alabama teams are preparing to follow as part of a rotational schedule for continued response. Please take a moment to pray for all involved and encourage your church to support Alabama’s Great Commission effort to carry Christ into crisis.

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State Missionary Mel Johnson is the disaster relief strategist for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. You can reach him at mjohnson@alsbom.org or direct at 334-613-2389.

Source: SBDR.org
Alabama Volunteers at Work in Monroe, Louisiana

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