A few days ago, I had the opportunity to meet a very energetic young man from Kiev, Ukraine, who was visiting our country. He made a profound impact upon all who had the pleasure of meeting him. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion to follow the Lord were evident. Sasha attended and engaged in one of our Churches Planting Churches Trainings (CPCT). During the training, he outlined a vision to take this material back to Ukraine in order to see a church planting movement there. It did not go unnoticed that a major revolution was taking place in his country as he visited the U.S.

One of the most fulfilling days in my life took place shortly after the CPCT when he and I spent an entire morning together as I certified him to teach the materials in his own country. My mind races to the faces of the countless people in Ukraine who will surely join us in heaven. Gospel preaching churches will be planted in Ukraine where Sasha leads churches to see the vision for and to implement the steps necessary to plant churches that plant churches. My prayer is that this movement could happen, not only in Ukraine, but in the U.S. and in every country on planet Earth.

The same day that I was privileged to certify Sasha in CPCT, I also met with a young couple here in Alabama. They are committed to following the Lord’s call to Jackson Heights in Queens, New York, to plant a church among East Asians. Having served in that area, I know they will be down the street from Woodside, the most diverse zip code in the world with 138 languages spoken within.

The Lord is at work all around us according to John 5:17. What a wonderful day that was!

Lamar Duke
Lead Church Planting Strategist

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