Pastors/leaders, what could happen in your organization if you changed your point of view to realize that God has blessed you with a society of dreamers? What would your role become? Would you become an overseer of dreamers? Would a major focus of your role be identifying and encouraging great ideas for the organization? The truth be told every organization has innovators; every church has visionaries.

Unfortunately, many leaders have bought into the idea that he, the leader, must come up with the ideas to pursue and everyone else is to buy into his ideas and vision (which ultimately may not be God’s vision). Not one of us has all the gifts and talents needed for any organization to succeed. Therefore, God has placed around you people with complementary personalities, people with gifts to fill in the gaps. Believe it or not, God has placed people in your organization whom He wants to use to grow you and the organization.

Turn Dreamers Loose

When we as leaders identify these people and turn them loose – empowering them to seek God’s direction using their giftings and talents, then God can and will bless the entire organization. I understand that most pastors/leaders believe this is exactly what they are attempting to do. However, a reality check will often prove that we want them to use their giftings, but only as it pertains to our agenda and our ideas.

God may have placed them in our church organization to help move us (the leader) to a better – God-driven – path. Who are the complementary personalities around you? Who are those people who keep coming with ideas that could be worthy to investigate? Those idea thinkers whom you wish would get on board with your ideas? Is it possible God desires to use him/her to propel your thinking and your organization on His God-given path?

Granted, there must be guidelines to follow, a protocol set in place for new ideas, new ministries, and changes to the existing structure. Yet, when we remove ourselves as the only innovator and follow biblical examples and principles, any organization can set practices in place to propel the organization forward. In the church, God is to be in control. He has placed an undershepherd there to help lead and to guide.

Be Discerning

A shepherd leads his flock into the pasture. He does not hand feed every blade of grass. Lead your flock to be discerning. Then turn them loose in the community to be used of Christ, The Good Shepherd, with their own abilities and giftings. Try something new. Equip your people to use their own creativity, giftings, and understanding of God’s will and desire for reaching those outside the church. Equip them to unearth the dreams and ideals in which God desires to use. Yes, ministry can be messy at times, and that is okay!

For pastors and other leaders, this is difficult. It does not mean giving up your position. It is sharing visionary responsibilities. It is allowing others with their God-breathed giftings to help envision the course to be charted. What is your first step this week to realizing the God-given society of dreamers in your organization?

George Yates is the Church Health Strategist for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, assisting churches and individuals in pursuing God’s purpose for life. Learn more at ALSBOM.org/revitalization.

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