Have you ever thought about the fact that Christmas is the only Birthday we celebrate where we give everyone except the honoree a gift? It is true. When invited to a Birthday party everyone brings a gift to the person celebrating a birthday, right? Yet, at Christmas, the birthday of Christ our Lord and Savior, we give gifts to family, friends, co-workers, and others. Yet, how many actually take the time to consider what gift to give the honoree – Jesus Christ?

Finding the Perfect Gift

Most people contemplate, ponder, and even shop various stores and the internet wanting to find that perfect gift for the special people in our lives at Christmas. What would be revealed in your life if you spent as much time pondering over what gift would be the perfect gift from you to Jesus this Christmas?

Give Yourself to the Honoree

There is really only one gift that I can think of and I shared it a couple weeks ago with the church I am currently serving. I asked each person to tie a brightly colored festive ribbon around their finger to remember not to leave Jesus behind this Christmas season (using Luke 2:41-46 as text). Then near the end of the message I asked everyone to look at the ribbon and contemplate giving themselves as a Christmas gift to Jesus every morning until Christmas.

Then, on Christmas morning, give yourself to Jesus as a birthday present. You never give a birthday gift expecting to get to use it as you wish. You give a birthday present for the receiver of the gift to use as he/she desires. Therefore, giving yourself to Jesus as a Birthday present, you are giving yourself to be used by Him for His desires and purpose, not your own.

What changes could be wrought if every person who calls themselves believers in Christ gave themselves wholeheartedly as a Birthday gift to Jesus this Christmas? What differences would we see in society in 2023? Will you give yourself to Jesus as a Birthday gift on December 25th?

Have a joyous, wonderful, Merry Christmas with the Savior!

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