This morning, I woke up before the alarm sounded. As I made my way downstairs, I put on a cup of green tea. 

While it heated, I retrieved the newspaper. Taking my cup of tea, I switched on the Weather Channel, browsed the headlines, paused to check the article on Jacksonville State University football, then read the comics. You have to read the good stuff!

After a dose of headline news, I retrieved my Bible and journal. This year, I am journaling from my Old Testament reading, which is currently in Ecclesiastes.

After a time of prayer, it is time to get ready to head to work.

Arriving at the Baptist Student Center, I greeted Mrs. Joyce, our secretary, then powered up my computer.

After checking the requisite e-mail, talking to students, I was interrupted by a phone call from a pastor who is searching for a part-time staff member.

Another student came by to ask about an upcoming event, then it was time to study. I am speaking at Baptist Campus Ministry worship this week.

I worked on PowerPoint slides for the announcements for worship, then scheduled some tweets announcing BCM worship.

Afterward, I texted the student I was scheduled to meet for lunch then walked to campus. Lunch arrived, and I talked with a student about his relationship to Jesus.

Returning to the BCM building, I worked on a t-shirt design for our upcoming fundraising event to support students in collegiate missions.

Three students joined me to cut freezer pops to take later to football practice. I talked with a student about some issues, fielded a phone call from a former student serving on church staff, then prepared to go to the football practice field.

As I departed, I asked a freshman guy to accompany me to practice. We circulated around the practice, greeting players, managers and coaches.

At the end of practice, I served the popsicles to the players, speaking words of encouragement.

Returning to the BCM, I dealt with a question from a student before jumping into my truck to meet a member of the BCM advisory committee who is helping me work on a project.

Afterward, I headed home at the end of a very long day, grateful for the opportunity to serve Alabama Baptists and to make a difference in the lives of college students.

Source: OneMissionStudents.org
A Day in the Life of a Campus Minister

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