8 Learning Styles, Which Favors You?

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Mr. and Mrs. Styles decided to have Mrs. Styles homeschool their children – all eight of them. While she knew that each of her children had individual personalities, Mrs. Styles soon realized they not only acted differently with different personalities, they also had differing approaches to learning.

The oldest two children were twins, Vanessa and Veronica. Vanessa prefers to experience learning with words. She enjoys group discussions and doing word studies. Her twin, Veronica is a visual learner. She learns best by physically seeing the lesson in front of her. Veronica experiences learning through object lessons, videos, and posters or maps. Vanessa is a Verbal learner, Veronica is a Visual learner.

Larry is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Styles. Larry takes after his father. He functions best through well thought out processes. Mr. Styles helps his wife design Larry’s learning experiences to include outlines, notebooks, and well-structured short lectures. Larry, is a Logical learner.

Paul is the next in line and Paul has an active personality. It is more difficult for Paul than others to learn from one stationary sitting position. Paul likes to move around and enjoys movement in the room. Mrs. Styles always gets Paul involved in acting out situations and playing active games. Paul is a Physical learner.

Michael is next and he has a gift of musical talent. His mother knows that Michael learns best through Musical activities. She plans his learning activities around listening to music, writing lyrics to accommodate the learning experience, or researching songs to highlight a lesson. Michael is no doubt a Musical learner.

Robin is a young lady with a highly active social personality. She loves being actively involved around other people. Her mother understands Robin functions well in a learning experience that includes other people. Mrs. Styles plans Robin’s learning experiences around activities that include, small group studies, exploring case studies, discussion panels, and role playing. Robin is a Relational learner.

Nathan, the youngest of the male siblings, has a preference for things of nature. He has always had an affinity for collecting things of nature. Nathan’s best learning experiences come from being outside, planting, cultivating, discovering things outside or discussing God’s creative work. There is no doubt Nathan’s learning preference is that of a Natural learner.

And then there is Rebecca, the youngest and quietest of the eight. Rebecca approaches learning quietly. She works well alone, in a contemplative state. Rebecca is a thinker. Her mother often plans Rebecca’s learning experiences to include times for Rebecca to sit alone, quietly contemplating, thinking about the truths of a lesson and what it means to her in this learning situation. She enjoys writing in a journal, answering opinionnaires, and keeps her own diary. Rebecca is a Reflective learner.

As Bible study leaders this is what we are challenged with every week. The eight learning preferences listed above are not eight Styles children, they are the learning styles behind the faces in your Bible study each week.

Though they may have different names you have in your classroom every week:

Vanessa the Verbal learner

Veronica the Visual learner

Larry the Logical learner

Paul the Physical learner

Michael the Musical learner

Robin the Relational learner

Nathan the Natural learner &

Rebecca the Reflective learner

While you do not need to plan a different lesson for each learning style, you should include teaching methods that highlight various learning styles for each session. If you only use one teaching method week after week, you will never see the growth potential of your class members, spiritually or numerically.

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